Increasing the competitiveness of the company by innovating the process of mechanical production / Horizontal boring machine – purchase


“This project is supported by the EUROPEAN UNION”
Project location: Svidník
Name of the project: Increasing the competitiveness of the company by innovating the process of engineering production.
Fund European Regional Development Fund
Brief description of the project: The aim is to start new investments in the company’s modern machinery and, ultimately, for job growth.
Specific objectives: 

  • Horizontal boring machine – purchase

The acquired technology will be further developed, adapted or integrated with other technologies or services.


  • The applicant currently has machinery that is obsolete and unable to compete in the market. The applicant is currently forced to accept contracts based on an evaluation of the subject, volume and ability. If customers are required to have higher machining accuracy, or a large volume of production is forced to reject the order.

Expected benefits of the project:

  • creating space for more dynamic growth of the company,
  • increase of product line,
  • a significant increase in production accuracy,
  • increase of future sales by 30% per year,
  • elimination of downtime and reduction of dependence on external subcontractors,
  • increase of added value and total added value by tens of percent per year,
  • creation and maintenance of 2 new jobs and maintenance of the current number of employees in production,
  • strengthening the technological leadership in the market of companies dedicated to metalworking and precision engineering production,
  • increasing production flexibility, speed and quality of deliveries.
Name and registered office of the recipient: TMC sro, Stropkovská 761/87, 089 01 Svidník
Project start date: 07/2018
Project completion date: 06/2019
Operational program logo:
Name of managing authority: Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic
Link to the website of the managing authority and the operational program:

Amount of the provided contribution: EUR 186,105.00