Machining and production of metallurgical material.

Machining, cutting and production of metallurgical material. Manufacture and assembly of machines BENEFITS AND WHY WITH US

Establishing a company
CONTACT4U s.r.o. The company is focused on machining, cutting of metallurgical material and production of welded structures and components for various industries.

Extension of scope
Production, assembly of machines and equipment with mechanical drive and construction work in mechanical engineering.

The story continues
Change business name to TMC s.r.o. – During 10 years of experience, we have built a stable position in the field of our services abroad but also in Slovakia.

Company TMC s.r.o.

TMC s.r.o. was established in 2008 under the name Contact4U s.r.o. The company is focused on machining, cutting of metallurgical material and production of welded structures and components for various industries. Technological equipment allows our customers to make products according to the supplied drawing documentation, or according to our proposed design solutions. Other activities include installation and repair of technological equipment. Due to the expansion of production, the company moved to new production facilities in 2014 with larger production capacities.

The history of the company and its development during its existence proves that it is able to meet even the most demanding requirements of its clients. The company's intention is to build a modern, competitive company by investing in technology and investing in employee training.

TMC s.r.o. applies the acquired experience not only in Slovakia, but also on the market of the European Union and strives to meet high quality standards with an emphasis on meeting deadlines and plans.

Our credo: "Precision, communication and loyalty."

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    Our Know-How at TMC s.r.o.

    With many years experience in the industry, our company is your confidence.
    Production of welded structures and components for various industries.

    Why choose us?

    Satisfaction in the 1st place
    Experiences and references of our clients from Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
    Financial stability
    The company has been producing profit for years, we are not moving at a loss. Financial independence has been rising in recent years.
    Communication = Association
    We respect the requirements of clients and therefore we are open and ready for further communication not only about prices.
    Timing and delivery Timing and delivery Načasovanie a dodanie
    In our company, we make sure that deadlines are met. Delivery success rate 98% on time.
    Company reputation
    We have built teams of professionally qualified, responsible and flexible employees

    Exceptional services we offer

    Our vision is to maintain continuous growth in our area of operation without compromising our internal values and quality of services. We want to maintain the reputation of the company, providing solutions in guaranteed quality, within the agreed budget and time. We offer clients quality services supported by the organization and the experience we have gained through many years of experience in the field of metalworking, metal processing and industrial welding with various technologies.

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